Use Photoshop to Create Carved Text

We often get asked how me make the “carved and gilded” text look on the free sign proofs we make. Well, here is a short tutorial on how it’s done using Photoshop CS.

1.Start with plain type on a dark surface

Photoshop Letters Image

2. Select the text and border (the area to be carved and gilded) using the magic wand tool. Make a new layer from the selection using Layer>New>Layer via Copy.

3. In the layers palette, double click on the new layer to open it. Click on the “Bevel and Emboss” button.

4. Change the settings as follows:

Photoshop Screenshot

You can click the image above to see it bigger – so you can read the settings. The colour of the “Highlight Mode” is white, the shadow mode is “#4E500A”.

5. Click “Colour Overlay” and set the colour to “CC9900”.

6. Click “OK” and you should have a carved and gilded sign. You may have to fiddle with the colours to make it look right on your PC. Here is what you should be left with:


Hopefully this works for you.

One thought on “Use Photoshop to Create Carved Text

  1. Couldn’t have written it better myself.
    I am currently studying multimedia design at a little college in Sydney and am constantly on the quest for new ideas and fresh perspectives on this topic. I commend you on your “Use Photoshop to Create Carved Text” page! it delivered some really top notch information.

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