Please Google – Give us more options

A sincere request to Google:

Please let us enter our own Geo-location!

I am based in the UK, but often work on projects in the USA. However, I am being hampered by the fact the Google is adjusting the search results according to where they believe you are based.

When I (in the UK) search for the word “house signs”, this is what is returned: (Click image to enlarge).

UK Geolocation Results

However, when the same search is performed in the USA, here are the results:

Us Results House Sign Search

The searches were both carried out at the same time.

The thing with this is that it makes it hard for someone in the UK to work on marketing a US site.

Could Google please provide us with a option to enter your own location data? This would allow us to see how a customer/co-worker is seeing the results.

If you support this, and want to let Google know, please Digg this article and I will email it to someone in Google. Thanks.

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