Large House Signs

We have just finished our largest house sign:

Large House Signs Image

It measures 85 x 53cm. We have made some business signs this large for hanging on posts, but to mount this by your front door?

One problem a sign like this poses is getting the painting correct. Every detail has to be just right. This one took 12 hours to paint.

Don’t worry, we do give large discounts for large signs.  If you need something like this, the best thing to do is contact us.

2 thoughts on “Large House Signs

  1. Hi Lee. Thanks for checking in. It would be no trouble to make another sign similar to ‘Kitty’s Lane’. We’ll be in touch.

  2. Hi. I saw a photo on a Google search which brought me to your site. I would like to get a quote to have a similar one made. It’s the one with the trotting horse saying 5 kitty’s lane . Thank you very much Lee.

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