London Overrun by Foxes

Warning – below is a sad and traumatic story which may not be suitable for lovers of small furry pets!

Jane Wiggins is an artist, painting for Clover Signs where she lives in Newham, London. On Saturday she was a proud owner of a extremely adorable guinea pig. Today, she is mourning his somewhat bizarre fate.

Sunday Morning:
On Sunday Jane is cleaning her kitchen. The back door into the garden is open to allow gusts of semi-fresh Newham air in. The guinea is munching some breakfast in the living room.

Jane returns to the living room and notices the guinea’s cage is empty! A trail of sawdust leads out the door and up the steps into the garden. A search party is gathered but the hunt is futile. The guinea has vanished. We wonder about a fox, but don’t really think one would enter a house.

Monday Morning:
Jane is enjoying an early morning cup of tea at the living room table. Once more, the door is open to the garden.

The fox saunters calmly into the living room and goes to the now empty guinea cage. It is rather surprised at the loud and high pitched reaction from Jane, and since there doesn’t appear to be any more food in the offing, it walks back out of the house and up the stairs.

It seems like London is being overrun by foxes. Life in the country is hard but here they get their fill of chicken and chips everyday, with the occasional guinea on the side.

What shall we do? Trail Signs.

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