Winnie the Pooh House Sign

Winnie the Pooh has got to be one of England’s most popular storybook characters as well as being a personal favourite of mine. We have done quite a few Pooh Bear house signs now. Here is a scene from the hundred-acre woods that I think is really nice:

Winnie the Pooh House Sign Image

Of course the thing that makes it great is the fact that it is based on the original artwork by Ernest Shepard rather than the Disney cartoons. (Apologies for the mis-misspelling of ‘Hunny’ on the sides – obviously a bit of a slip-up!)


Egyptian House Sign

Recently, a customer requested their house name written in Egyptian hieroglyphics. By making use of an online translator, we were able to write their name correctly. We then added some scarabs and other Egyptian symbols, all carved and gilded. The result was pretty stunning:

Egyptian House Sign


Slate House Signs

The big news is that we now make Slate House Signs!  Many people seem to want them, so we have sourced some fantastic quality black slate for the signs:

Slate House Signs Image

The signs are 6-8mm thick, and we sand blast the letters into them.  We then finish the letters with real gold or palladium.  The hand painted artwork looks great on the natural stone.

If you want one – you can buy a slate sign here.