Driftwood House Sign

Holidays are never long enough. We just made a sign from someone who wished to extend theirs with a picture. Our artists were able to copy their favourite holiday snap, creating a long-lasting reminder of a summer day in Spain. Unfortunately, the first attempt by our artists was in the wrong proportions, not leaving adequate space for the desired text. The painting was so stunning, however, that we could not face simply binning it. Somebody had the bright idea to put it in a driftwood frame to produce a brilliant piece of art. The frame is not real driftwood, but a more durable HDU imitation. Check out the final house sign, as well as the one we messed up – decide for yourself which came out nicer!

Fuertaventura House Sign Image

Driftwood Framed House Sign Image

On our house signs website, we offer a lot of standard signs for people to choose from.  However, we can create almost anything (like the above example shows.)

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