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I wrote a post on Friday regarding how fast pages are added to the main Google Index. In the test, I linked to the blog post from Digg. However, it may be that Google just picks it up from the RPC-Ping.

Here is a test of just that. Before I wrote this post, if you searched Google for the words “google index speed test” you came up with no results when you used the quotation marks.

I will post this and see how long it takes to appear. It might appear in the results without the quotations as well, but I want to see exactly when it appears.

Here we go:

11:48 – Posted

11:57 – Picked up via Technorati tags on Tagcentral which is indexed, but the post is not

Index speed result one image

12:04 – Scraped onto someones spam blog

12:05 – Picked up and added to Googles main index

google index results

Pretty fast – 17 minutes from post to index. It also appears right of the top of the results even without the quotes.

The next test will be to see how fast pages which are linked to from a blog post like this one get indexed. The RPC-Pings seem like very powerful tools for getting indexed quick.

Interestingly, at 12:20, the TagCentral result no longer shows up – just the blog entry. This is because, being a tag aggregator, the link no longer appears on their page. Google has re-indexed their page already and removed them from the index. So it’s not only fast in – it’s fast out as well.

Wow – who would have thought testing Google could be so fun?

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