Minty Fresh Indexing – 18 Minutes!

It used to be that to get into Google’s index was a process that could take days or months. However, Google now seems to be indexing pages at a blinding speed. You can read Matt Cutt’s report on “Minty Fresh Indexing” here. He writes about one of Skrenta Blogs posts, and about how it got indexed within an hour or so.

Skrenta has a PR6 home page, hence a new blog post can get indexed very fast via a normal RPC blog pinging service.

But what about just a normal static page? How fast can they get indexed?

Clover Signs wrote an article about how to calculate the height of text for signs. When it was published, there was only one link pointing to that page. It came from the index page of the articles. Google does not crawl that page very often, and didn’t crawl it at all the day that day.

10 minutes after it was published, I submitted the article to Digg, as it has interest to any graphic designers. Then an amazing thing happened:

11:50 – Article published

12:00 – Article submitted to Digg

14:00 – Article appears in Google’s index (using under the term “Traditional Sign Making”.

Traditional Sign Making is not an obscure keyword, people do actually search for it. However, the articles ranks at Number 4.

Here is a screen shot taking at 5:00pm.

Fast Indexing Image

The Digg article only got 1 digg and only 4 people actually clicked through to it.

Showing the freshest results must be very important for Google now. Unfortunately, the results are temporary, and you quickly drop back down again. All I can say is well done to the Google Engineers again!

I am publishing this post under the heading “Minty Fresh Indexing”, as when you search Google for that term, you get Matt Cutt’s post about it. It will be very interesting if I manage to rank, even temporarily, above his post! I will let you know.

UPDATE: It’s happend already! 18 minutes after I posted this, it ranked at number 11 for “Minty Fresh Indexing”!

UPDATE: 1 hour and a half later, and I rank second, right under the blog of Mr Cutts.

Minty Fresh Image

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