Pet Sheep House Sign

No, this is not just a picture of a sheep. This is a detailed painting of a customer’s pet sheep – based on a photograph. Now retired, this particular sheep has apparently enjoyed quite a successful career taking multiple awards at shows in the glory days of its youth. It took us several tries, with us taking photos of the sign painting and sending them to the sheep’s owner for approval, to get it perfect – we even managed to restore its youthful appearance by removing some of the greying hairs from its head.

Pet Sheep House Sign Image

No extra charge for custom paintwork. Contact us to find out how you can have your pet on your house sign!

‘The Barn’ House Sign

For a simple, no frills house sign, this real-gold on sand-blasted slate is hard to beat. It is highly visible, with an elegant, uncluttered look. Best of all, it is made of real 23 ½ carat gold on best quality black slate and could easily last 30 or even 50 years.

The Barn House Sign Image


Its Another Tequila Sunrise…

Are you thinking of the movie, the song, or the drink? Its funny how some words or phrases just sound good. Tequila Sunrise is a 1988 Robert Towne movie starring Mel Gibson. It is a single by the Eagles (1973) and by Cypress Hill (1998). Most commonly, however it is a cocktail, and quite a nice one. The name comes, of course, from is appearance as the grenadine and orange settle fading from red at the bottom to clear tequila at the top.

According to the International Bartenders’ Association (IBA) it is a ‘long drink’ meaning it contains rather more mixer. The official recipe is as follows:

  • 4.5 cl (3 parts) Tequila
  • 9.0 cl (6 parts) Orange juice
  • 1.5 cl (1 part) Grenadine syrup

Clover Signs has also made its own (humble) contribution to the scene with the sign below:

Tequila Sunrise House Sign Image

Like it? Get one yourself!

Poppyfields House Sign

It is getting to be that time of year again. As Remembrance Day comes closer, poppies start appearing on nearly every suit and jacket.

Each year, I remember these lines from John McRae’s famous poem – maybe my favourite war poem of all time:

…To you from failing hands we throw
the torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields

The full text can be found at

Poppyfields House Sign Image

Here is quite a nice sign from our range of cream and black house signs.


Everybody knows that one of the most important things in any business (not to mention the rest of life) is networking. We used to call it working together. In any case, my wife and I spent a long weekend last week with signmaking acquaintances at Sannerz Designs near Frankfurt, Germany. They also work in HDU, the synthetic wood we use for our carved signs, but focus on business signage as the Germans haven’t yet caught on to the habit of naming their houses.

Although their business structure is quite different to reflect differences in the nature of the markets, we learned a lot from each other, as well as having a smashing weekend, and not neglecting to invest in a little German quality beer and chocolate.

Some of their work is absolutely breathtaking, like this crest – they made a set for this brewers various outlets.

Binding Crest House Sign Image

In the networking line, I recently stumbled upon a forum for HDU signmakers. Hopefully we can share our knowledge in this rapidly growing area of business.

As the Germans say: Sie und Ihr Geschäft sind einmalig