Carved House Signs

Sorry for not posting for so long. November was a crazy month, with everyone ordering signs for Christmas presents, December was about the same, and for some reason, the “post Christmas slump” has not happened yet.

One sign we did for a Christmas Present was Widgeon Close. The customer wanted to make sure that his sign looked life-like and really portrayed the widgeons.

Carving on House Sign

We promised him that it would – and here is what he said:

I have now received my ‘Wigeons’ house sign and must admit it has managed to match your bold claim. Yes it is perfect and better than my wife and I dared expect. Please feel free to quote me. Yes it is beautiful.

The sign was made in HDU of course, but with a relief carving of the ducks.  This was then painted, but it is the sculpting that gives it the dimension and feel.

Sculptings can be request on any sign, just ask.

One thought on “Carved House Signs

  1. Moving into a new house. Our house name is Widgeon Bend…, named after our sailboat, the ‘Widgeon’. Please contact me to discuss potentially carving us a welcome sign.

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