Elvis House Signs

Yes, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll has appeared on a sign at last. Someone managed to rename their house “Graceland” and purchased this large sign to make the meaning clear.


Elvis himself is chip carved into the sign and gilded with real gold leaf, as are the letters.

Now for all you Elvis fans wanting one, just ask for a custom house sign!

7 thoughts on “Elvis House Signs

  1. Hello I’m intrested in the elvis house sign the same as the one shown … can you tell me how much this is in English £ pound and shipping to Surry UK …

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Unfortunately, silver would cost the same as gold.

    We could make you a sign of that designs that is 400mm x 300mm, for $US200.00

    That’s our minimum order, so we can’t go cheaper than that.

    Let us know what you think.

  3. Hi, is there a cheaper option maybe in black and silver instead of the gold leaf?
    And also shipping to the UK

  4. Hi Natalie,
    We would be happy to make you an Elvis sign like the one you saw on our ‘Clover Blog’.

    Price depends on size – for example:
    500mm x 380mm = $300 USD
    600mm x 460mm = $420
    700mm x 535mm = $560

    Price includes wall hanging system and shipping to UK – but it does not include any import taxes or duties that UK may collect from you at that end.

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