Acrylic Paint for Signs

I just wrote an article about acrylic paint, which tells in broad strokes why it is so great for signs.

We often get questions like “Why is my sign unvarnished? What can I do to protect it?”

The answer is simple – nothing! The acrylic paint we use is great for outdoors, and because we don’t varnish it, it can always be touched up in a number of years.

Acrylic paints stay bright and don’t yellow like oil paints do. They are ideal for signs and outdoor artwork.

Here is a beautifully done sign by one our artists:

Acrylic Paints on Signs

Acrylic Paints Close Up

We do all our art by hand and never print our signs. This means that we can put any picture you want onto one of our hand painted signs! Lots of people see our gallery and think that’s all they can have. If you need something custom made, just ask.

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