Custom Signs – The Power of Attraction

It doesn’t take a sign maker to tell you that having nice signs outside your hotel, pub or restaurant helps attract customers – but most people would be surprised by how big the difference is.

In July 2007, we were contacted by The Old Thatch Teashop on the Isle of Wight and asked to design some signs for them.  The teashop was very plain, and  didn’t fulfill it’s potential in the busy tourism months.

Here is the Old Thatch just before the signs went up:

 Old Thatch Before the Signs

And here are the signs in place:

Custom Restaurant Signs

Hotel and Pub Signs

Hand Carved and Gilded Signs


The pictures are not the best, as for some strange reason we decided to travel down and install them during the worst storm of the winter!

Since the signs have gone up, Patricia Whybrow, the owner of the Old Thatch is delighted with the amount of new business she gets.

In the end, having a decent sign could be the cheapest form of advertising, especially in an area like Shanklin where there is lots of competition.  People are wandering around and choosing what to visit purely by whim – so you have to make something distinct in the image you present.

If you want to discuss having a magnetic message board, or a sign for your pub, restaurant or hotel, please feel free to get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Custom Signs – The Power of Attraction

  1. Sign making is a real art to be sure! I sort of secretly always wanted to make signs.

    These days there are so many types of signs its truly mind boggling and I truly admire those of you who tackle the immense possibilities.

    Folks here in Denver feel that Denver Sign Makers are some of the best in the world.

    You can check out some of their work at:

  2. Few of us realise that pub signs as advertising have been around for almost 2000 years. The Romans brought the first pub sign to Britain in AD43 – a bunch of evergreens hung outside a tavern. We still have pubs called the Hollybush.

    Thereafter, pub signs were used to advertise to the largely illiterate population. Fighting Cocks advertised the sport on offer inside whilst Coach & Horses told travellers that the inn was a convenient place to stop.

    Pubs signs commemorate famous battles, people in history and the odd scandal and, if you know how to interpret them, they tell a world of stories.

    It’s great these ancient trades are being kept alive and reproduced so beautifully.

    Elaine Saunders
    Author: A Book About Pub Names

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