Home Bar Signs

It has become popular to have a home bar these days. Once you have the room, equipment and drinks, a hanging home bar signs is all you need to finish it off.

Home Bar Signs

We make the brackets ourselves as it is very hard to get custom metal work done these days.  The signs are all made out of HDU, a tough synthetic wood, which is hand carved and gilded.  Any artwork is done by hand. The hanging hardware is all stainless steel.

If you are wanting to add that finishing touch to your home pub then a home pub sign is for you.

4 thoughts on “Home Bar Signs

  1. I am looking to order a hanging sign, and like your images of the gold text on black. I’m not sure I understand the contact system. How do I get in touch with you or get a quote please?


  2. Looking to get a bar sign for our outdoor beach bar

    Welcome to

    The Clumsy Mayor’s
    Deck Down Under

    1080 D

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