History and humour

Most Londoners or visitors to the capitol have surely seen the Blue Plaques that comemorate figures of partcular historical importance and the buildings that they inhabited. According to English Heritage:

They open a window into another time by showing us where the great and the good have penned their masterpieces, developed new technologies, lived or died.

In the 140 years of its existence, the blue plaques scheme has errected over 800 plaques. English Heritage receives about 100 proposals every year, but it can take between 2 and 6 years from the initial suggestion to the erection of a plaque.

Luckily it didn’t take quite so long for one of our customers to receive his House Plaque. He received his plaque less than one month after his initial inquiry. His request, however, did not stem from the noble desire to celebrate “the great and the good”, but merely to have a laugh. Regarding his plaque he explained:

It’s actually a copy of a sign I saw in San Fransisco when we were there three years ago; I crossed the road to read it and really smiled as most Americans do not get the English type of humour very well and this example crossed all boundaries.

House Plaque

Well, we here at Clover Signs, also smiled at this “Blue Plaque”. We just hope that English Heritage doesn’t track down our customer and remove his unapproved plaque.

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