B&B Chambres D’Hôtes

Although primarily a traditional house sign maker, Clover Signs has also expanded into the business market, making pub signs and bed and breakfast signs. In October of 2007, Martine approached us for a hanging sign for her new B & B which she clevery called “Martinn”.  The Martinn, located in southwest France, opened its doors on March 20th 2008 and we are pleased to see our sign gracing its entrance. I can assure you, the inside is much more attractive than the outside, featuring a pool, gourmet food and many great activities.

B & B Sign

Bed and Breakfast Signs

Pet signs

Usually when someone requests a house sign which is to incorporate a beloved pet, that means painting its picture onto one of our traditional house signs. However, when we received the order for the sign below, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see the picture of those particular pets, much less meet them personally. More than feeling nostalgia for some childhood playmate, I was reminded of some other more famous dogs. Pavlov’s dogs, to be precise.

In the 1890s, Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist, psychologist, and physician was investigating the gastric function of dogs. He used a technique of training or “conditioning” wherein he would ring a bell and then give the dogs some food. After a time the dogs would actually start salivating upon hearing the bell, without ever getting their food. Hopefully this sign produces the same results if you happen to visit this customer’s home.

Our dogs are not vegeterians, so please ring the bell.