Backdrop Gherkin

Here is another business sign we did recently.  We don’t usually do installations but since this one was just down the road and  in the heart of downtown London we decided to do it ourselves to be sure it was done right.  At first glance the sign might not look that big.  In fact is is 2.85 meters long and 66 cm wide.  A little bigger than your normal house sign!  You might just be able to see that it has two joints inside the A’s at both ends but that sure does not distract from the effect of the sign.  Here are some before and after shots, unfortunately it was raining so the photos are not the best.

Anokha Old

Previous Sign

New Sign

New Sign
New Hanging Sign

New Hanging Sign

If you are ever in the area you might be interested in a meal at the Anokha Indian Bar & Restaurant.  If you are here because of your interest in signs visit our website to place an inquiry and see more of our work.

4 thoughts on “Backdrop Gherkin

  1. Hi Alan, Thanks for asking. We often get asked about CNC routers. Interestingly enough, we’ve never found the carving process to be a bottle-neck. Our customers appreciate that the signs are hand-made, too. I guess, with practice, our team has gotten pretty quick with the chisels. In my opinion, the signage produced using CNC technology has a very sterile and ‘computery’ look to it. I know the technology is improving, but to me it’ll never look as good as hand-crafted signage. As for pricing, people who understand the quality of the product don’t mind the price either. I guess the same holds true with any products or service, whether its cars, food or signage.

  2. I notice you do a lot of hand made carved work, how does this compare price wise with something that is CNC ‘d surely you must have to be competitive in your pricing as regards your labour, and the time it takes to produce a sign like this.

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