See You Over There!

This blog has been in operation – off and on – since June 2007, and much has been written in that time. The vast majority of the one-hundred-and-sixteen posts were written by the staff of Clover Signs, a no-longer-in-operation sign shop in London. Later, the blog sat untouched from 2008 until this year, when we at Danthonia Designs decided to continue writing interesting articles relating to the craft of dimensional sign-making, and other related topics.

However, it wasn’t long before we realised that the name discrepancy was a little confusing (Why is “Clover Signs Blog” about Danthonia Designs?). So, we’ve decided to make life simple, say goodbye to this this blog, and continue publishing articles on our own website:

Of course, we’ll leave this one here as an archive, so people can still read about the halcyon days when Clover Signs sold their five-hundredth sign, or exchanged a sign for a piece of cake, or figured out a hack to fix the back button in Lightbox.

So, my friends, see you over there!