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The Clover Signs Blog was established by Clover Signs, a small handcrafted sign shop in East London, which operated from 2004 until 2010. All posts from 2010 and earlier were written by the Clover crew.

More recently, the blog was managed by Danthonia Designs, of Inverell, Australia. While Inverell could hardly be more different from London, our handcrafting techniques and materials are quite similar. We have even done a fair bit of repeat work for Clover customers in The UK.

As of September 2013, we realised that the name discrepancy was a little confusing (Why is “Clover Signs Blog” about Danthonia Designs?). So, we’ve decided to make life simple, say goodbye to this this blog, and continue publishing articles on our own website:


Of course, we’ll leave this one here as an archive, so people can still read about the halcyon days when Clover Signs sold their five-hundredth sign, or exchanged a sign for a piece of cake, or figured out a hack to fix the back button in Lightbox.

So, my friends, see you over there!

14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I would like a sign made for our farm house as a Christmas gift for my husband. Could you do something and have it delivered to the USA by then? Very simple design—sort of like the “Windmill House” sample design on your blog. Thank you

  2. Hi
    Can you quote me for a black and gold sign similar to The Lodge one on the website of Cloversigns with a removeable hanging Bed & Breakfast underneath
    Also advise delivery time
    Thank you

  3. Hi, I am looking to get a name made from horseshoes and I was just wondering if you could do that by January 10th and I would like price before we do anything about it. thanks…

  4. Clover Signs is no longer in business but Danthonia Designs has been filling in the gap, making hand-crafted signs for old Clover customers and anyone else interested in this style of sign. We’re based in Australia, but ship worldwide.

  5. I am interested in purchasing a sign like the one you custom made “The Bee Hive”. Will you please let me know the cost for the sign and shipping to the United States.Thank you.

  6. Ki Krista, Thanks for checking in. We’re located in Australia, but we regularly ship signs all over the planet, mostly to the USA. We’d be happy to get you some prices and specs on a hand-crafted sign.

  7. I was needing some information on a sign. I need prices and how long it will take. Where are you located?

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