From Russia, with Love

From time to time I check Google Analytics, to see where our website visitors are coming from. Recently, I was surprised to see a certain number coming off of the Russian-language Wikipedia site. Sure enough, in the references at the bottom of an article entitled Numeratsiya domov was a link to The History of House Names on How flattering!

Russian Wikipedia Page

Russian Wikipedia Page with a Reference to our Article on House Names. It’s been there since February.

I’d just like to say a big “spasibo” (Thank you) to whoever added that link. But, as David Airey pointed out when Wikipedia linked to his site,

It would’ve been an even better surprise if Wikipedia were to remove rel=”nofollow” from their links. Then I might get a little boost in web ranking. It’s for that reason, that whenever I link through to a Wikipedia page I’m sure to add rel=”nofollow” in the link code, so I don’t give out needless external links.

I believe I’ll follow David’s example.

And now, you’re probably itching to know what the Russian article was about. The English version (without a link to us) is entitled House Numbering. It’s actually a very interesting piece and it even includes the iconic “9” from West 57th Street, Manhattan, designed by Ivan Chermayeff:

A distinctive red number "9," a two-ton sculpture designed by Ivan Chermayeff

A distinctive red number “9,” a two-ton sculpture designed by Ivan Chermayeff

Fixing the Back Button in Lightbox

Our main website makes full use of the excellent lightbox.js script first published by Lokesh Dhakar . When I first saw the script, I knew it was the answer to the problem of how to display image galleries without Flash or Pop ups.

There is one HUGE problem with the original scripts you will find all over the web. There has been many mods to the script to make it lighter etc, but in all cases, the back button breaks! This is a terrible thing to do.

Hence we decided to set about fixing it. You can see that the back button will work on the custom signs page, but will break on Lokesh’s original demo pages. We needed to make the back button close the lightbox, not take you to the previous page.

Here is the solution:

UPDATE: I have now made a homepage for this called BackBox.  You will find all you need there.
This implementation should fix the back button in all modern browsers, leaving you with a cool, usable, standard compliant lightbox!