Custom Notice Boards

We recently did this Custom Notice Board for our local community who wanted to use local business to help them promote the heritage of the area. As always the sign is made to the highest standard and incorporates a high quality lockable exterior notice board into the design enabling the easy posting of news and upcoming local events.

Manor Park Notice Board

Manor Park Village

Although the vast majority of our orders are still house signs, with this new option our signs are increasingly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Good news for B&B’s

For most people the present economic crisis spells bad times but with the Bed and Breakfast trade that does not seem to be the case.   With the recent credit crunch more and more people are finding that going abroad is beyond their means and they are looking at the cheaper alternative of going on holiday closer to home.  This means more business for Bed and Breakfasts and more and more people are looking at the option of starting a B&B to make a little extra money.  At  Clover Signs we are glad for the increase in enquiries into  Bed and Breakfast Signs.  They are simpler than most business signs because often they hang outside a private residence and serve as a house sign as well.  The example below demonstrates this.

Detachable B&B sign.

The sub sign is attached using quick links and can be removed during the winter months or when you no longer wish advertise your B&B to passers by. Also perfect for hotels.

News on the block

We actually started on this project quite a while ago, but we have only now gotten around to taking some quality photos of the sign in situ.

February of last year we were approached by the management of the Royal Herbert Pavilions, a luxury development of apartments in Woolwich created through the restoration of the Royal Herbert Hospital.

The building has a unique and interesting history, not least because it was the first specially built military hospital in the country and the first, military or civilian, to utilise the pavilion design.

They wanted a building sign that would reflect the unique nature of this block of flats and turned to Clover Signs for expert advice.  We payed them a visit before even starting on the sign in order to get a feel of the surroundings so the sign would be sure to fit in.

Here is the finished result, complete with an image of the clock tower, intricately carved and gilded, and a complimentary 10 MPH sign underneath, as the existing cheap acrylic sign was completely out of context:

Royal Herbert Pavilions Sign

Royal Herbert Pavilions Sign

The Royal Herbert Pavilions

The Royal Herbert Pavilions

Both Signs

Both Signs

Gilded Designs

Many people looking for a classy house sign want some kind of artwork on it. Perhaps an animal? On our business website, we have an art gallery with a selection of images of painted flowers, birds and other animals. What customers may not realise is that we can actually carve and gild the image they want on their sign. Here are two examples that we have done recently, one for a home owner in America, the other for an organic food store in Northern Ireland. You decide which one is which.

Brown Cow SignHeron SignHeron House