Home Sign Gallery

From time to  time, one of our customers will send us a picture of their sign by a door, swinging from a rustic wooden post, or above a mantelpiece. Although we see and handle every sign as it takes shape in our shop, there’s a certain satisfaction and poetic feeling of completeness in seeing our work “at home” –  in homes, on farms, cafes & antique shops, in downtown New York & Outback New South Wales, and a good number of other places too.

Everything comes in waves, and over the past two weeks, many such photographs have come in, mainly from all corners of the United States:

Slack Tide House Sign

Copper Fox Lodge Sign

The Fire Escape Bar & Grill

70 Little Mill Road Sign

Larsons Tavern & Inn Sign

Just Between Friends Sign

Mermaid Manor Sign

Murray House Sign

Sapphire Skies Sign

Pond's End Sign

I think The Fire Escape Bar & Grill is my favourite. What a unique slogan for a restaurant – “Not trendy, just friendly”. It sounds like the perfect place for chewing the rag with the locals, over a Detroit Lager. I’ll have to stop in, next time I’m in Metamora.

If you happen to be the owner of one our signs, feel free to send us a nice picture of yours as well!

To the Coast of Africa

Having just come into the business here at Clover Signs I was pleasantly surprised to receive a request to design a sign to be presented as a house warming gift. In further inquiry into the design we found it to be headed for the coast of South Africa to a house overlooking the Indian ocean. The sign was to reflect the beauty of the view and the patriotic feelings of the intended recipient. Here is what we came up with after some back and forth with the benefactor.Wavecrest

If your looking for a special sign as a gift, or for a property of your own, visit us at Clover Signs and we’ll be glad to help.